Wireless Power Consortium

What is the Wireless Power Consortium?

  • The power to charge wireless is no longer a dream of the past. It is something which is being used right now for many small devices which use rechargeable batteries. The problem which has been noticed by everyone who has used a wireless device with a rechargeable battery is the incompatible nature of the battery chargers. The shape of the charger and the flow of energy have been very exclusive from one device to another. This has led to people having handfuls of chargers of all calibers in their homes and offices. With the new wireless charging methods, these chargers are a thing of the past.
  • This is all due to the Wireless Power Consortium. The main goal of the consortium is to develop new ways to use the possibility of wireless charging to bring more convenience into the lives of people. The idea is to also create a Qi standard which will prevent exclusivity for devices when using this revolutionary charging method. The Qi standard 1.0 has already been developed and is being used by many different devices. It helped to create a standard charging mat which can be used by all kinds of different devices. Simply put any device on the mat and it will start charging right away.

wireless power consortiumWho Is In the Wireless Power Consortium?

  • The Wireless Power Consortium, or WPC, is comprised of all the manufacturers of the wireless technologies and the batteries that power them. They include not only phone and technology manufacturers, but telephone companies which sell the devices as well. The input from all of these different sources includes research which is being shared to advance the usefulness of these devices. By removing the exclusivity of the charging devices, it makes it more convenient for consumers to use products and makes the products more attractive.
  • There are more than 100 members of the consortium at this time. This is up from 55 members in 2010. The numbers will continue to rise as more companies understand that not being a member of the consortium will make their devices seem trivial in the new world of technology. With most of the major players already members, it will be impossible for anyone to compete with the developing technology which is being shared with WPC.

What is Being Produced?

  • The WPC has been working on many devices to use this kind of technology. The focus right now is on the Qi phones, Qi sleeves, Qi docking stations, Qi chargers and Qi furniture which are under development. Each of these are developed with the express intent of making them more useful to the consumer so that they will be able to get more out of the technology products that they want to use. As more research is done, it is possible that the consortium will be able to produce technology for powering even larger devices like laptops.
  • The end game for the WPC is to provide wireless power for every device in your home and without having to have direct contact with the wireless charger. Already, the WPC has been able to develop technology which expands the induction charging gap from 5mm to 40mm. This means that it is possible to create furniture and other devices which allow devices to still get the charge needed. In a short period of time, it is likely that this will be expanded until it is possible to have one charging transmitter for an entire room full of devices to recharge.

Who Can Use the Technology?

  • While only the members of the WPC are working together to produce this new technology, they are making the innovations available to all who want to use the technology that they discover. The only caveat to this is that they will have to use the WPC independent labs to approve the device to carry the Qi label which has already become the benchmark for any wireless charging system. Without it, it is not likely that anyone will purchase the device.
  • Other research groups, including universities, are working on other ways that the wireless charging can be used. This is something which benefits the consortium and all of the manufacturers looking to use the technology. The intention of the consortium is to create a standard for all devices so they will be able to work seamlessly without regard to manufacturer.
  • The future of the technology is advancing rapidly thanks to the WPC and all of the members who are working independently and jointly to complete the research necessary for even better technology. As more groups join the WPC, it is possible that the pace will increase even more. It appears that before long there will be no more need for wires in your home. This will be a day when the world will have to start looking for other ways to make technology more useful.

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