Products That Are Already Using Wireless Charging

wireless-charging-toothbrushWireless Toothbrush

  • The water involved with an electrical toothbrush has always ruled out the possibility of using wires. This meant that it was necessary to figure out a way to use wires technology. Originally, this meant using batteries which had to be replaced. As technology advanced, it was realized that induction recharging was a possible method for recharging the battery of the toothbrush. The idea used a simple concept which happens when a magnetic field is radiated out from a charging station. The coils within the charging station exude out to be picked up from any device which comes into contact with it. In the base of the wireless toothbrush, it contains corresponding coils which rotate when they come into contact with the magnetic field. This generates the power needed to recharge the battery so it is ready whenever you are ready to brush your teeth next.
  • The problem with this technology for many is the size of the coils which were used. These made it necessary to use a large portion of the base of the toothbrush to generate the energy needed to charge the battery. This is something which would not be helpful in creating other charging stations for smaller devices.

energizer-qiCell Phones

  • The biggest focus for the wireless charging community at the moment is cell phones. As smart phones become more the norm, consumers try to find ways to keep their batteries charged so they can use all of the technology which has been built into their phones. There are phones on the market right now which have the Qi wireless charging technology already built into them. This allows the user to simply put down the phone on any Qi wireless charging mat and it will start charging right away.
  • The coils inside of the phone will use the magnetic resonance from the charging mat to create energy that can be used by the phone. Because the coils are built into the phone, it makes it extremely convenient to the user because they will not even have to think about the technology being used.

Charging Sleeves

  • For those who have a phone or other wireless device which has not had the coils built into the phone, there are sleeves available to help with wireless charging. Companies like Energizer have produced sleeves for cell phones like the iPhone 3G and the Blackberry Curve. These sleeves are easy to slide onto the phone. There is a plug which connects to the charging portion of the phone so that the phone will receive the electric signature needed to charge the batteries in the correct manner.
  • The only problem with these sleeves is that they detract from the beauty and splendor of the smart phone. Rather than looking at the sleek design of the cell phone, people are seeing the sleeve which has been attached to the phone. The intended look is to be nothing more than a protective case you might add to your phone so that it will remain in place at all times. These sleeves meet the Qi standard so they can be used with any Qi charging station.

energizer-qi-chargerQi Charging Station

  • The charging stations which have been developed so far are getting larger. The original charging stations were big enough to host only one device at a time. They were also very restrictive as to where you had to put your device down on the charger. Today, there are mats which have been developed which are large enough for multiple devices. The technology allows you to put your device down however you wish while still having the ability to charge your device.

Qi Furniture

  • Some of the coolest technology available is the technology which is being built into the furniture you might want to have in your home or office. This is a great way that you will be able to simply set your wireless device down where you work or where you are relaxing and get the wireless charging you are looking for. The current furniture available only allows for small devices, but it is expected that soon, it will be possible to set your laptop down on your desk and have it receive the power it needs without any need for wires. It would appear that the science fiction stories have come true and that we are living in the future.

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