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What is Wireless Charging?

  • The first thing many will wonder about is how it is even possible to charge a device without needing a wire. Previously, there has been a need for a direct contact between the electrical wire and the device being charged. The new technology uses the power of induction to charge your device rather than straight electrical flow. This is a technology which has been developed over time for those wearing pacemakers. The device inside of the chest is powered and controlled wirelessly by the corresponding part on the outside of the chest.
  • Qi charging is quick and easy to do. All that is needed is a device which is Qi enabled and a charging mat and the power will instantly start flowing. It will be just the same result as whenever your device is plugged into the wall. Your device automatically recognizes the power source and starts accepting the flow of energy to charge the batteries. All of this happens at a rate of 5W.
  • Currently, the Qi wireless power is only available for low-level charging. Devices like cell phones and PDAs can be charged. The WPC is currently working on making inroads to developing wireless charging for laptops, netbooks, tablet computers and other devices considered to be in the medium range of charging devices.

How to Use It

  • To start using Qi for wireless charging, it is necessary to have a device which meets the Qi standard. The WPC has been working with all of its members to create Qi standards which are industry-wide. The idea is to provide a quick and easy way that any device can be charged without creating a lot of hassle. By eliminating the need for charging wires everywhere you go, it is possible to maintain a charged phone or wireless device more often.
  • While many devices are being produced with the power of Qi already standard, there are still many devices which need a little extra help. This means installing a sleeve on the phone so it can be set on the mat to charge. These are being produced by Energizer and other companies to work with your cell phone. Simply slide the sleeve into place and you are ready to use any Qi standard mat. It is easy to see anything which meets the Qi standards because it will be stamped with the Qi symbol.
  • The charging mat comes in different sizes. Some only have enough room for one cell phone while others are large enough for multiple phones and other devices. To use the mat, you will only need to place any Qi enabled device on the mat to start charging. The power will instantly start flowing into the device so it will charge for your next use.

Developing a New Future in Charging

  • The future of wireless power seems to be wide open. Not only are the types of devices being looked at, but the kinds of charging stations which are going to be made available are being looked at. Innovations like an improvement in a gap of 5mm. to 40mm means that the WPC is close to bridging the gap to possibly including charging stations in more than just charging mats.
  • The future of charging goes well beyond something that has to be purchased separately. The consortium has its eyes set on standards for construction which will include these charging stations. Structures like homes and offices are in the sights of the consortium as possible locations where these charging stations will become standard. This means it will be possible to simply set down your wireless device in several locations and have it instantly start charging. When looking at power tools and other such items, it opens up a world of possibilities for getting even more done with wireless power.
  • The near future may see such items as tables which include these wireless charging stations. This means office furniture or tables for the front of the home will be created with the ability to charge your wireless devices very soon. The Qi wireless charging station can easily be built under the veneer of any composite furniture and possibly even built into solid wood furniture. The innovations from the more than 100 members of the consortium make it possible to have a future with a lot of potential for Qi.
  • Imagine being able to simply walk into your office and put your laptop down and start working. This is exactly what the future of Qi may be. You can put your phone down next to your laptop and have both devices running off of the power of the office rather than off an internal battery. When you are ready to get up from your work station, you will have a completely charged device and you will not have to pack away any wires or leave a cluttered workstation.

About the Consortium

  • The vision of the consortium is to create a world where power of Qi is being used for all devices. The Qi standard transcends all of the charging stations which are being used currently. The need for a different charging wire for every device will be left in the dust with the help of the more than 100 members of the WPC.
  • All of the members of the consortium produce the devices which run on batteries that have to be charged or create the batteries which power the devices. They are developing everything from a powerful Qi battery to a Qi wireless charger which is built into everything you will encounter on a daily basis. The unlimited resources of these corporations make it possible to develop this kind of technology very quickly.
  • The consortium was created after 18 months of working on developing an interest in Qi technology. After seeing the potential that this would create, 55 members soon were on board. This number has swelled as more manufacturers are starting to realize the potential of Qi inductive charging for consumers. Making items easier to use on a daily basis is something which will lead to better sales and higher profits.
  • Indications of the speed of which the WPC is capable of developing technology is in the fact that the first Qi standard 1.0 charger was released less than a month after the consortium was formed. This has been improved with the current Qi inductive charger which is on the market. The development of wider gaps in induction charging is making it possible for even more possibilities for the future of Qi and the devices it operates.

Product Development

  • There are already many products on the market which use the Qi mobile wireless charging system. More are being developed, but need to wait on their products being approved by an independent lab in order to carry the Qi symbol. These corporations are waiting to have the go ahead so that they are able to release a line of products which use the technology.
  • Working Qi and wireless charging into devices makes it possible to use these seamlessly with the wireless power standard charging stations. Currently, there is the availability to leave a charging sleeve on the device as long as you want to, but in the end, it detracts from the appearance of the device and makes some feel compelled to remove it when they are not charging the device. Once this is a standard in all wireless devices, it is possible that more people will see the benefits of using wireless charging.
  • The main focus, other than internal charging, is to develop charging capability for larger devices. While medium charging is the current focus, once this milestone has been met, it is possible to start moving into charging devices which use a lot of energy. The possibility for the future could even include such things as appliances which do not need to be plugged so there is less concern with plugs being overloaded. The flow of energy within the home or office can be more easily controlled through using this form of charging technology.

Commercial Applications

  • The ability to have charging stations built into structures gives an extra edge to all of the commercial locations which rely on wireless device users for additional business. Such places as coffee shops can purchase furniture which will allow uses to simply put their laptop down and start using it. The Wi-Fi is already available in these locations, so people will have everything needed to create a workstation away from the office. No longer will you have to hunt down a plug or move furniture to plug in your laptop of cell phone. Just set it down and relax.
  • Another commercial application for the Qi charging technology is that any handheld devices, like scanners, will be ready for use whenever they are needed. Cashiers at registers will not have to worry about restrictions from wires when trying to scan something in a cart. Simply pick up the handheld scanner and scan anything in the cart quickly and easily. This can save a lot of time and make the lines more efficient.
  • Even the factories can operate more efficiently. Using handheld tools charged with Qi standard charging technology means never again even having to pay attention to how a tool is placed down. Any time the tool is placed on the work table, it will be charging for the next time it is picked up. This makes it possible to have a device which is always ready to go and a worker who is more efficient for not having to pay attention to where a tool lands.

Enjoying the Technology

  • Those who already have Qi enabled devices can enjoy the technology which has been created for them. Simply make sure that any place where you work or reside has a Qi charging mat and you will have a device which can always be charged. As more devices are developed, you will already be ahead of the rest of the world by knowing how the technology works. They will certainly turn to you for help in understanding how the “magic” happens while their device is charging.
  • If you do not have a device which is enabled, look for any modifications which are available to make your device able to use the Qi charging technology. All of the products which have been developed are easy to use. Simply put them in place and you will be able to start using them right away. You will not have to worry about any specialized equipment to purchase whenever you are using this new technology.
Be on the lookout for all of the new furniture and developments which are in the works for Qi charging. The Qi standard and the WPC are going to keep developing until just about every device we use on a daily basis is running off of this technology. If you are excited about this technology, you will not have to wait too long to enjoy it everywhere you go. With so many companies working on the development of the technology, it is sure to become a standard in the lives of everyone very shortly.]]>

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