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The Best Selling Wireless Charging System


As technology keeps moving forward we are more reliant on devoices which are wireless. As we cut our ties with cords we are finding ourselves in more need of options to charge our frequently used wireless devices. These devices need to be charged often to ensure their batteries have enough power to perform the tasks we need to conduct with them. The latest offerings of Qi inductive charging options could change how we charge these batteries. The newest and best selling wireless Qi inductive charger could enable us to become truly free of cords and wires.

  • Think of the convenience you would experience if you were able to travel anywhere with just one charging device for all of your digital devices. Think of the ease you would have if you did not have to pack a series of charging cords which often get tangled with one another. Image how pleasant it would be to merely place your smartphone on a charging table and fully power up your battery. The latest wireless power standard for these devices offers all of this and more.
  • Traditional charging cords for wireless devices rely solely on electricity to power the batteries in these devices. This means if you are out and about and do not have access to an electrical outlet that you may have to deal with deal batteries for a while. Inductive charging devices make it possible for people to no longer have live under these constraints. This is because inductive charging used magnetic and electromagnetic energy to transfer power to wireless device batteries.
  • The newest smartphones which are being sold are now offering people the option to make use of inductive charging to power their batteries. All people have to do is place the smartphones with a specially designed Qi batter on a Qi wireless charger.

Energizer the Leader in the Wireless Market

  • The bestselling Qi wireless charger currently on the market is the Energizer Qi Powermat. This charger offers people the ability to wirelessly charge smartphones and other wireless devices. All you have to do is place your wireless device on this pad and leave it there to charge. No cords, wires or hassle.
  • The technology used in the charging mat allows users to charge multiple devices at once which are Qi enabled or are using a Qi charging sleeve or charging door. The coils in the charging mat interact with the coils which are in the device or the sleeves attached to the devices. As one of the members of the Wireless Power Consortium, Energizer has been working on this and other products to make it easier for consumers to use their favorite devices without having to worry about wires.
  • Simply plug the mat in and put it in a location which is convenient to you and all your devices can be placed on the mat whenever you need it. By having multiple mats in the home and office, it means you will no longer have to pack cords with you wherever you go. Simply place your phone down on the mat whenever you get there and it will be ready for you whenever you are ready to use it again.
  • The mat itself does not require that the devices are placed in any specific manner. The magnetic resonance between the coils in the mat and the coils in your device will operate no matter how the device is set down on the mat. This enables you to simply put down your phone when you are in a hurry without having to worry about it getting the charge it needs. The last thing you will have to worry about whenever you are in a hurry and running out the door is unplugging the device from the wall and packing your charger. Simply grab and go for extreme convenience when you are in a hurry.
  • While there are few phones with the corresponding Qi standard coils built into the phone, Energizer and other manufacturers are producing sleeves which will work with existing phones to help charge them when placed on the mat. The manufacturer of the sleeve does not have any bearing on whether it will work on the mat. By using the Qi standard, there is a seamless use of the wireless charging technology. Inductive charging will occur as long as the device is being charged using Qi standard technology.
The future of this and other charging mats makes it possible to get even more out of the charging stations. The current charging mat can accommodate up to two smartphones at a time utilizing the Qi induction charging technology. The size of future mats may be able to accommodate even more phones or will be able to accommodate even larger devices. As more products are developed to use Qi standard charging technology, these mats will be developed to work with them.  ]]>