The future of Wireless Power is here! Stay tuned for news and updates with the QI Standard and the Wireless Power Consortium

About Me

Hi Chris here, fellow tech nerd, gadget lover etc…

You know me, I like to have all the fun toys when they just come out. I remember a few years ago when I got a new motorized tooth brush. I really loved it. Two months later I was reading about wireless charging and how tooth brushes use it. DUH!! I had been using it the whole time and did not even realize it. I thought what a cool thing.

The possibilities with wireless power are tremendous and with the adoption of the QI Standard we are really going to see a lot of new products and collaboration coming about in the near future.

I made this site to keep up with news and different products coming to light.

If you have an thing to add or questions shoot on over to the contact page.

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